Spanish publisher EDITORIAL KODAI is now crowdfunding for the publication of the Spanish and English versions of BREAK THE BORDER (the English version is only available as an e-book).
We have been in contact with KODAI since they published the Spanish edition of ECHOES for us. At the time, they were a newly established publishing company, and ECHOES was their first release. I'm honored to be able to work with them again, as they agree with my thoughts and love my work so much.
スペインの出版社EDITORIAL KODAIが、BREAK THE BORDERのスペイン版・英語版(英語版は電子書籍のみ)出版に向けたクラウドファンディングを実施中です。

▼Crowdfunding page​​​​​​​
Crowdfunding oficial de BREAK THE BORDER, por EDITORIAL KODAI
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